How to open .docx file

by Compy Nerd

So someone emailed you a .docx file, and when you download it and doubleclick it, your computer doesn't know which software program to use to open it?

This probably won't happen if you have the latest version of Microsoft office installed, but may still happen if you have older versions of Microsoft office. This is because Microsoft office have by now developed further to open new types of files, leaving older versions to not be able to open the new types of files.

But fear not, for all you need is DocXviewer.

DocXviewer can be downloaded from here: download.cnet.com/DocX-Viewer/3000-18483_4-75179715.html

Download and extract it where you know where to find the path, and next time your computer asks you which software to open the .docx file with, you select the DocXV.exe file.

And that's all there is to it. From now on, you'll be able to view your docx files with no problem whatsoever.

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