Ottimo Stand Blender

by Henry Chokim

The Ottimo Stand Blender will enable you to be living a healthier lifestyle from day one!

With a capacity of 1.2 litres, you can cram a good portion of fruit in there, add just a tad of water and start spinning yourself a good long, healthy drink. 

To operate the unit, first clean your kitchen counter or other surface that the unit will be standing on.  The base of the Ottimo Stand Blender has little transparent rubber feet that will cling fast to a clean surface, to make sure the unit is steady during operation. 

Now you can plug the blender's power cable into an electrical outlet in the wall. 

Now place the transparent cup onto the base.  You will notice that it needs to be rotated slightly so that the little triangular arrow on the base of the cup fits right in line with the little triangular arrow on the base of the motor unit.  The blender will not function otherwise. 

Pressing a button in the handle of the cup, you can remove the lid from the cup.  In order to load the unit with fruit or vegetables that you would like to make into paste or juice, you can either remove the lid or just remove the small inner lid inside the lid, the latter enabling you to add the fruit or vegetables while the blades are spinning. 

A large switch on the front of the unit can be turned in order to set the stainless steel blades into motion.  Choose from 2 speed settings. 

Fortunately the motor isn't very noisy, as you might remember from older blender models especially in the 70's and 80's when you needed earplugs to operate the blenders of the time. 

The Ottimo Stand Blender's cup's transparency allows you to see everything as it's going on.  Measurement markings on the side of the cup allows you to see how many millilitres of juice you have when the rotor is turned off. 

Personally I use the unit to make myself cucumber juice, and sometimes tomato juice.  It can of course be used to make delicious smoothies too. 

Once your vegetable juice, fruit juice, smoothie or milk shake is all liquified to your liking, turn the switch on the front to turn the unit off.  Taking the cup by the handle, you simply turn it to remove it from the base. 

Now you can remove the lid off the unit by holding in the button on the handle and twisting the lid off.  The cup of the blender pours your juice out into a glass easily and without a mess, through the little spout shape in the cup. 

Viola!  Deliciousness is all yours! 

To clean, simply rinse the cup immediately after use. 

The Ottimo Stand Blender comes with a 1 year guarantee.