Eurolux 500W Portable Floodlight: Good for Workspace & Amateur Video

by Frank Lezer

If you need to do some work in small spaces and need proper lighting there, the Eurolux 500W portable floodlight is just what you need!

The light is easy to carry around for it has a handle covered by soft foam at the top.  It plugs into any wall outlet and gives you bright, 500 watt light. 

It's dimensions is 313mm x 266mm. 

When you first buy the Eurolux 500W Portable Floodlight, it comes fully assembled, and is ready to plug in and use. 

It takes a little 500W tube that is readily availble at any supermarket, hardware store or department store that sells lighting bulbs.  So, after many hours of use, when the bulb finally does blow, it's easy and relatively inexpensive to fix again. 

A single star screw on top of the light face can be easily unscrewed so the glass face of the lamp swings open.  Push the blown lamp tube a little to one side and turn it slightly to take it out of the unit.  Then simply reverse this action with the new bulb to have your Eurolux light working again in no time. 

When buying a new tube bulb, make sure you purchase the 500W one.  Aside from a small indication of wattage, the 300W and the 500W bulbs look exactly the same, and can easily be confused.  A 300W bulb would also work in this unit, but you will not get as bright a light shining from it, and if you're using it to light an area to take a photo or record a video there, the color temperature will be much redder. 

Use this light in the garage to properly light an area that you're working on or painting, or use this light to properly light up your face when you're webcamming or recording a video.  When recording a video with this lamp, just make sure you set your camera's white balance to outdoor, or otherwise these lights will give you a very warm color on video.  Switching your white balance to outdoor makes it look just excellent. 

These lights can easily be placed temporarily on any table, chair or shelf, or the floor if you need to see something clearly at or from floor level.  

Do note however that the squarish part in the middle of the unit that houses the bulb, can get very, very hot during operation.  Therefore, it must not be placed against curtains, paper, or anything else that can easily catch fire from hot lights.  Just make sure the light has ample breathing room around it.

Also, once switched off, don't bump it when carrying it while it's still hot because the small electrical coil inside the bulb tube is still very hot and fragile, so it will easily break somewhere along the coil and you'll need to replace the tube bulb.  

All in all, a very handy product to give bright light where needed.

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