SELECTS Cappuccino Frother

by Lord Vlooky

Do you like drinking your coffee with frothed milk?  I knew about cappuccino's but I never realised how delicious coffee with frothed milk is until I discovered it using the SELECTS Cappuccino Frother.  It's actually quite different from normal coffee - much nicer!

The Selects Cappuccino Frother is a small handheld frother that turns milk into a nice, fluffyish froth. 

Now, this handheld small frother looks easy, but having experienced my first time using it, I'm going to warn you not to be fooled into thinking it won't take some practise and devising of method. 

Because it's so small, it does seem like you can just stick it into your cup of coffee and start frothing.  This may work if you switch it on and off, on and off, but otherwise your milk or coffee will just start swirling higher and higher until it starts flying over the sides of the cup. 

You do need a cup with high enough sides. 

And of course switch it off completely before you take it out of your milk or coffee, otherwise the rotating end will swing drops of milk or coffee everywhere. 

My first time using this frother I had to learn all this through first hand experience.  In short, it was pretty messy.  Milk flew over the sides of cups, and milk spray landed everywhere.  So here are some tips: 

1.  Put frother tip into milk before switching it on.  Switching it on while it's still touching the surface will make it fling the surface milk as small drops everywhere. 

2.  Don't put it in too deep.  It seems the milk slows it down, and it will also cause such a swirl in your cup that will go up higher and higher up the sides while there's this tunnel in the middel, until it spills over.  So keep the tip just a tad (though completely) under the surface.  That should make nice foam. 

3.  Switch it off before you take it out of your cup.  If it's still rotating when it comes out, it will fling a spray of milk everywhere. 

4. You may want to use it in a bigger cup or bowl with higher sides first, then pour the frothy milk into the coffee cups.  That should help limit any possible messes. 

From all this it may seem like a big fuss, but trust me, the final product really is worth it.  It's just so darn delicious!!  Yummm!   It'll take coffee to a whole another level. 

The Selects Cappuccino Frother makes great cappuccino, latte milkshakes, and is also good for frothing eggs to pour onto lemon merinque pie.