LOGIK Egg Boiler with Poaching Tray

by Sandy Egluva

Boiling your eggs always ending up with eggs boiled too hard or too soft?

Get them perfect every time with the LOGIK egg boiler with poaching tray. 

Boiling or poaching your eggs with the. LOGIC egg boiler is easy.  I used it this morning and it's fun too! 

Here are all the parts of the unit: 

Now, let's get into boiling them eggs for a delicious egg meal!  Yayay!

First, get your eggs.  On the egg tray for this device, there is a little needle.  Just prick the eggs so they don't explode. 

Now place them onto the holes on the egg tray. 

Meanwhile, you will see on the included plastic water cup, there are measurements for hard, medium or soft, with numbers for the amount of eggs you'd like to boil each one to. 

Fill the cup with water to the desired level.  Now pour the water into the bottom silver bowl of the unit, and place the egg tray with the eggs on top.   Close with the lid. 

Now, plug in the device and let it do it's thing. 

As soon as the amount of water you poured in has evaporated, the unit sounds an alarm.  Now your eggs are ready!  Whoohooo!!! 

Poaching eggs with this unit is just as easy, although when I used it this morning, I did notice that the instructions indicate a cooking time that is just too short;  there are still uncooked parts at the end of it. 

So, to have delicious poached eggs, you have to use slightly more water than they indicate, so that the unit cooks the eggs with steam just a tad longer. 

So you break the eggs and pour the contents into the poaching tray, place the poaching tray on top of the egg tray on top of the silver bottom of the unit, and put the lid on, of course after having poured water in the bottom of the unit. 

Now again, when the water has evaporated, an alarm sounds and the poached eggs should be ready. 

And they're yummy!  I made one poached egg by first mixing the egg as you would when making scrambled eggs, and another egg I put in as is.   A delicious oil-free cooking way!

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