Drink Fresh Healthy Orange Juice with the Mellerware Cyclone Citrus Juicer

by Nic Floris

I've had a few orange juice making devices.

There was the big old one that looks like it's almost industrial, but that's really just how big and bulky things were that were made in the 70's/80's.  It worked but the bulkyness kind of just made it feel like a mission to make orange juice.   

Then there was the more modern orange press, you know the kind I'm talking about, that has the stainless steel cup on which you place this perforated arched lid and your orange half, and then using a handle you press a conelike shape down onto the orange that then squeezes it.  I've heard a lot of people praise this device, but mine kind of pressed itself into disassemblement.  Usually that back thing bends backwards over time and then it becomes useless. 

And then there was the electric rotating one that seems very nice and impressive, but it's just so friggin' messy and difficult to clean because the big bowl that catches the juice is basically the entire base of the device and it has the electric power cord going into it so you can't really let water get onto that.  Basically it's good for a kitchen ornament but it just doesn't really feel practical and easy.  Feels like a mission to make juice with it, and to clean up.   Pouring out the juice ALWAYS creates a mess like you wouldn't believe. 

But then, I was walking in the store and saw the Mellerware Cyclone citrus juicer, and a  little voice inside me said "BUY!" 

So I did.  And I'm so happy I did!  I finally discovered the easiest, quickest orange juice maker that I've ever had the pleasure to know! 

The Mellerware Cyclone Citrust Juicer is sized just right, and every operation using it is easy! 

First of all, I love the lime and white color scheme.  Add some yellow-orange orange juice and it just looks so beautiful! 

Secondly, it's sized just right, and lightweight.  Put it anywhere and you'll actually WANT to use it every day! 

Now then, juicing is a blast!   It has two pressing cones, a smaller one for small lemons and a larger one for oranges or grapefruit. 

So cut your oranges in half and start pressing them lightly on the pressing cone.  The pressing cone will automatically start rotating when you do this.  Press it harder slowly but not that hard, because before you know it there's nothing left anymore in the orange - this device works really fast. 

The juice collects in the bowl underneath.  Clear measurements on the side lets you know exactly how much juice you have, either in liter or Fl Oz. 

Now here's where these folks really nailed it with the design:  Take the handle on the side of the unit and simply turn it counterclockwise and you'll feel it unlock off the base.  Lift it up and pour out the spout.  NO MESS!  Wow!  I must say with this device I made orange juice for the first time without any mess or spill or sticky surfaces afterwards. 

To clean, simply rinse these light plastic parts.  Cleaning takes about 5 to 6 seconds. 

Truly the easiest orange juicer I've had like ever :)