WINLITE Dolphin Table/Wall Aqualamp SF915B

by Nicola Dolphinia

This is one of my favorite items in my bedroom.  At night when getting ready for bed and reading or writing down my planning for the next day, I switch on some soft music along with the Winlite Dolphin Table/Wall Aqualamp SF915B, and the atmosphere becomes a tranquil, peaceful, and very inspiring one, very good for hatching up ideas.

This nightlight basically almost look like a smallish television.  Inside there is a fluorescent bulb, one of those square ones, that lights up the front from within. 

Inside appears to be two imprinted rolls, the back one imprinted with a picture of the undersea and some dolphins, and a transparant roll imprinted with larger dolphins appearing closer.  The front roll turns faster than the one behind it, creating the illusion of a 3D view of an underwater sea scene. 

A footpiece can be slided onto the bottom of the Aqualamp, enabling it to stand on a table, or the footpiece can be removed and on the back of the unit, there are two of your usual wall decoration hanging holes, from which the unit can be hanged on the wall like a moving wall portrait. 

The SF915B Aqualamp is powered by electricity, provided by a black electrical cord that comes out of the back of the unit.  This of course needs to be plugged into a wall socket. 

A 0/1 switch on the side of the unit turns it on and off. 

The unit is of course for indoor use only. 

The Winlite Dolphin Table/Wall Aqualamp SF915B should however not be confused with a unit that is designed for the lighting of a room, as this is solely for decorative purposes only. 

And it does a good job at that.  It is very hypnotizing.  Many times have I layed down on my bed to think, and find myself automatically staring at this unit.  Yes, it may be the same scene going past again and again and again, but it's extremely fascinating.  I love this thing!  :)  It helps me to think.

For me the Winlite Dolphin Table/Aqualamp SF915B was a very good buy.  

Note that it's not for operation by small children, for they will probably just break it.  Since it has a fluorescent tube globe inside and a glass front, this unit should never be dropped.  Basically it should be mounted on a wall or placed securely on a table and left to do its thing, the only change being the on and off switching.