by Jerry Starworld

The Rhapsody TV Radio is a very handy kitchen or bathroom television and radio.

It can work with 10 medium sized batteries ("C" cells), with electricity by use of its adapter, or the car adapter can be used to operate this unit from the cigarette lighter in one's car, which makes this also a radio or television for camping. 

It has its own telescopic antenna, but an external RF antenna can also be plugged into the back by means of a small provided adapter. 

It's technical specs are thus: 

12.7 cm Black and White TV Radio Receiver

TV:  VHF 4 - 13 UHF 21 - 69

Radio:  AM 520 - 1650 KHz, FM 88 - 108 MHz

AC:  230V ~ 50 Hz

CD 12 V (10 x "C" cells)

Made In China

Manufactured:  July

(Yes, it says it's manufactured in July.  Don't ask which year :) )

A big dial on the right side of the unit can be used for tuning to the station or TV channel.  Also on the right side are the dial for volume, the switch between TV / OFF / RADIO, and a switch for FM / VHF or AM / UHF. 

On the back it has an earphone jack if you'd like to listen to the sound without disturbing others.  Contrast, Brightness and V-HOLD of the TV image can also be adjusted on the back. 

The Rhapsody TV Radio Receiver is a very handy device to use as a travelling TV. 

One of its drawbacks though is the shiny translucent front it has that goes over the TV screen.  This is good and should be there to protect the TV screen, but unfortunately this makes the unit suitable only for indoors or nighttime, because when used outside this shiny front of it causes so much reflections and glare, you can barely see the TV image. 

For those people who love color, they might also find it a drawback that the TV screen is in black and white.  I wouldn't use it to watch those home redecorating shows in which color plays a big role.  

Where I am the television reception is also not always perfect, but this varies depending on where I place the unit.  I suppose the reception is not really a problem the Rhapsody can solve for you.  

Radio reception I haven't had a problem with.