Nostalgia Electrics Movie Time Popcorn Maker OFP-501

by Marius Woodwold

For healthy popcorn, there probably aren't very many machines that can beat the Nostalgia Electrics Movie Time Popcorn Maker.

Make an entire bowl-ful of pop corn, even much, much easier and much quicker than those packets of microwave popcorn, and without any health risks that microwaved foods may carry, or the health risks associated with popping popcorn using cooking oil on the stove. 

The Nostalgia Electrics Popcorn maker provides you with windpopped popcorn, with no oiliness or a dirty pot to clean afterwards. 

First, fill the small round lid on the top with pop corn, and then pour it down the hole and close the hole with the lid. 

Switch on the device and wait about one minute while the device heats up the popcorn using hot air.  After a minute or so, the popping starts.  This carries on for about another 40 seconds to a minute, and then it is all over. 


Viola!  The pop corn is popped and can be caught in a bowl on the side.  Tip the device (make sure you hold the red bottom and the glass top tight because these two pieces aren't attached to each other) and give it a slap or two so all the windpopped popcorn fall into the bowl.  There you are, all done.  Now add salt or Aromat and you're all set to feast.

The OFP-501 Popcorn Maker is very useful to make quick, healthy popcorn.  The design of the unit has some drawbacks unfortunately: 

They should make it come with a bowl.  It is very rare to find a bowl that actually fits between the wheels of the device (the wheels don't really turn by the way).  I just happened to have a set of bowls as pictured in the photo, but that was pure luck.  These fit perfectly inbetween the wheels asif they were made for this.  But other bowls are hard to find that won't be bothered by the wheels, making it stand some inch or so away from the device causing the popcorn to fall all over the place.

Also you really do need a square bowl;  this unit doesn't really work for round bowls even though they use round bowls in all their advertisements.  Round bowls simply do not catch all the popcorn. 

Another small issue is the way you have to tilt and shake the unit to get the popcorn out of the glass compartment (not nearly all of it slide off and fall out automatically).  It just seems like a hassle to have to pick up the entire device.  Taking off just the glass top will propbably create a mess of popcorn falling over the sides. 

I had one of the same before I had this specific unit.  But because the electricity to the unit was interrupted, when I tried to switch it on again the unit was no longer functioning.  I assume the heated popcorn popping but not being blown out of the popper by the hot wind, caused it to get blocked with the popcorn causing it to overheat.

I assume what you should do should the power ever be interrupted, is to IMMEDIATELY empty the device completely and open it up so it can cool down.  That might save it although I am speculating.

Another issue I suppose with windpopped popcorn in general is that you can't get anything like salt or spices to stick on it easily, as it isn't greasy as it would have been had it been popped on the stove.  Windpopped popcorn is clean and dry, and salt poured on it simply falls off to the bottom of the bowl.  How to overcome this I have no idea, but if you just shake salt onto it and not shake the bowl, you should be able to get a bit of salty taste with your popcorn.  Or if there's a lot of salt in the bottom of the bowl, take some popcorn and lightly lick it then rub it in the bowl and the salt should stick to it :)  

All in all, a very, very useful tool in every household where popcorn is enjoyed.