COM WORLD CMD-850 Digital Video Converter

by Josh Groovey

In countries using the PAL video system, most all DVD players can play both PAL and NTSC video.  But it's not always equally true in NTSC countries.

In our modern time when DVD's can be viewed on the computer, the different television formats also do not seem to be the problem they were some years ago. 

And if you'd like to convert a video recording, these days of course it's easier to burn a DVD on your computer and simply select whether you would like a PAL DVD or an NTSC DVD, and the results are usually not bad.  Of course the conversion isn't live and needs rendering time first.  

If however, for whatever reason you find that you need to convert a video signal on the fly to another television standard, and you'd like to do it on a budget, then the Com World CMD-850 Digital Video Converter System may be exactly what you need!   

Simply plut, you plug your source video signal into the input and on the top of the device select the signal type you would like it to come out as, and your selection comes out the output. 

Say for example you have a PAL DVD player and an NTSC VCR.  Like you live in England and you'd like to make a video copy of your home videos on DVD for your friend in North America.  Then you play back your PAL DVD through the converter's input, and let your NTSC VCR record the NTSC signal coming out.  

The video cable can be either the common RCA or the better quality S-VIDEO.  

(Note that if you plug in a signal to S-VIDEO, the converted signal will come out of the other S-VIDEO out, and if you plug in RCA then you'll get the converted signal out of the other RCA output, and not the S-VIDEO out.)

Input signals can be NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, PAL M/N or SECAM.  Output signals can be NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, PAL M and PAL N.  Note you cannot convert any signals to SECAM, but you can convert SECAM to any of the others.   

The quality of the converted signal is very good for a converter of this price range;  not bad at all.  When converting PAL to NTSC 3.58 for example, this digital converter will blend the frames to make up the difference in frame rate, so the motion in the video is still smooth. 

It also comes with an easily adaptable power cable, so you don't need to buy a seperate electricity converter. 

The CMD-850 is a very handy device if you need something like this.