30,000 Photos - Royalty Free Images Conveniently on CD

by Henry Sullivan

Focus Multimedia brings you 30,000 Photos on CD.  No downloading from the web is required as all 30,000 photos are included in this 2 CD set.

It's really more like 15,000 photos, as they are both in color and then again in black & white.  They are all royalty free photos. 

I have found them to be extremely useful for powerpoint presentations, teaching classes, and for web design as it comes with a very handy software program that lets you easily input keywords of the subject you are looking for, and then the software will show you thumbnails of all the pictures available on the subject.  

Upon clicking on a thumbnail, it shows you a bigger image to the right. 

Once you have found the picture you are looking for, you can export it to many popular image formats, in the size and resolution you desire. 

After exporting, you can of course import them into your own projects, whether that be a text document, photo program, web page design, newsletters, brochures, advertisements, reports and more. 

You will find it very useful.  One or two issues I have run into though is the biggest resolution of the photographs aren't very big, so you can't use them for big posters.  Mostly they are suited for smaller resolution work like web design, and of course to provide you with photos to your online articles.  

30,000 photos also do not ALWAYS provide you with a suitable picture for your subject;  though it may sound like a lot, you sometimes run into needing something else.  

But, you should find something on the following topics:  Abstract and Backgrounds, Agriculture and Industry, Food and Beverages, Health and Safety, Holidays & special occasions, House and Home, Lifestyles and Cultures, Nature, People, Religion, Myths and Fantasy, science and Technology, Signs and Symbols, Social Issues and Government, Sport and Leisure, Transportation, Travel and tourism, and Wildlife and animals.  

A very handy tool to have is this 30,000 Photos by Focus Multimedia, licenced by Hemera.  Useful many times over.

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