Panasonic RX-DU10 Portable Stereo System first day impressions

by Wanda Walton

The Panasonic RX-DU10 is a portable stereo CD system ideal for playing music in smaller rooms.

Let's look at the information on the box:

- High Quality Sound, 9cm Full Range Speaker

- USB playback, mp3

- Music Port for Digital Audio Player Playback

- 50 W (P.M.P.O.)

- 2 W X 2 (RMS MAX / DC)

- CD-R / RW playback


- Panasonic Corporation. Made in China.

How would a consumer feel after the first day of use of this product? We asked one, and this was the response:

- Overall very happy, but there are some drawbacks.

- The buttons don't press in very far. Sometimes you are unsure if they made contact.

- I always wonder if it's in the right mode.

- Not enough treble to hear consonants clearly during radio announcer speech.

- Mine's volume button seems to have gone in too deep into the device, which made it work very difficult. But after pulling it out a bit, it works much better.

- Although the D.BASS button makes a difference, the bass is overall not very strong.

- The biggest drawback is probably the ON switch. It's sort of a small button on the side that slides over difficultly, and hurts my fingers a bit. Not to mention on the side it is difficult to see.

- Overall still not a bad unit. Small & useful, even if it takes some getting used to.

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