by Jeremy Smithers

If you need some music on your kitchen table, at your work desk, or out in the garden while having your tea party and you just want some soft music in the background, the Ottimo PCD-7200 Portable CD Player is just the thing for the occasion.

The Ottimo PCD-7200 Portable CD Player is a top loading CD player, that can play CD, CD-R, or CD-RW.  It has programmable memories and can also repeat a song or a disk. 

What attracted me to it originally was the price.  It was only R200 (Around US$25), and is small enough to be easy to handle while at the same time having big enough speakers to not sound like a telephone.  I would not use it to try and be our "vibes" at a wild young party with loud music, but as I said it's quite good to use when you need soft music to eat by, listen to the radio, play soft music to fall asleep by, or listen to music while you're having a conversation or need to concentrate on work. 

An LCD display shows the track and the current action. 

The AM/FM/FM Stereo Analogue Radio can be listened to by extending the telescopic antenna.  This unit can be listened to either through the speakers, or if private listening is required, it has a jack for stereo headphones. 

Output power is 1.2W x 2 (R.M.S). 

The power sources include both battery and electricity;  CD 12V "C" size battery x 8, or through a power cable AC 220 - 240 V, 50Hz, 14W. 

The black and silver color scheme is quite aesthetically pleasing, with its shiny finish.

Band settings are AM, FM, and FM Stereo. 

One warning though:  If you're using batteries, do remember to switch it off on the side once you're done playing music.  Once when a CD had stopped playing for a while, I forgot that this unit was even turned on. 

Needless to say, when a day later I remembered, it was no use trying to run it off those same batteries.  Even though it wasn't playing a CD, it still tapped the batteries empty. 

Best to run it off electricity when using indoors.

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