Play table tennis in a limited space with the Carromco Ping Pong-XT table tennis table

by Sean Wellington

Table tennis is a great sport to play both competitively and as an informal social activity while friends sit around with some drinks in glasses and bowls of snacks, seeing who is going to beat whom in a friendly game.

However, ping pong tables can take up a lot of space. If you only have a garage to put the table in, you will need a double garage. Most people simply do not have that kind of space.

Fortunately, it seems a German company, Carromco, has the solution for us. They have made a smaller size table, rougly only one third of a full sized tennis table.

This table tennis table is easy to carry around in a portable form resembling a suitcase, with the bats and balls and net inside.

Unhooking two simple latches, it folds open.

One part I don't like and which I believe they could have made simpler, like a folding table, are the metal supports keeping the table upright at a 90 degree angle. For some reason, they made it so that you have to turn in a bolt with an included Allan key. It doesn't take long though, but I can foresee that many people will lose the Allan key and bolts over time.

Insert two metal pins onto which you affix the net.

Now you have your table tennis ready for casual playing. Or serious playing, if you want to take the game serious.

When you're done, simply reverse the steps to fold the table up and put it away. I recommend keeping it in its original box, because they did not include a carry bag, and your table will probably get scratched if you just keep it or transport it all exposed.

Have fun ping ponging!

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