by Henny Sigorny

The TELEFUNKEN TMH-771A makes a very nice bedroom hi-fi.  It hasn't got extreme bass, but the sound quality is quite good none the less.

The unit is silver, with speakers with a silver front but with a very nice colored wooden finish on the sides. 

It has a CD player on top, also with the CD control buttons on the top. 

One problem would be to switch on this unit.  It would appear you first have to open a little flap on the front in order to select CD mode.  This will also automatically turn on the unit.  You may find it easier to just switch it on and off on the electrical wall outlet it is plugged into, rather than always having to open this flap to switch the little switch. 

Also under this flap is a switch for AM, FM or FM ST. 

The radio tuning dial is also located here. 

The time can be set with three buttons on the right side of the front.  It is interesting that the time set buttons which is probably done only once in a long time, is easier accessible than the tuning or the CD power switch. 

The bottom half of the front still contains a casette player and recorder, just in case you would like to go get your collection of old 80's tapes from the attic and listen to them.  Like Pet Shop Boys, Dr. Alban and Abba. 

On the back of the unit there is a small turnable lid where a flat round battery for the clock can be inserted. 

The speakers are neatly plugged into two RCA type jacks on the back too. 

There is also a switch marked "BEAT CUT", which can be set to either 1 or 2. 

A long thin black wire serves as the FM antenna. 

A personal favorite of mine is the display on the front that lights up blue.  It's just such a nice rich blue :)

The TMH-771A's technical specs:

FM 88 - 108 MHz

AM 540 - 1600 KHz




The unit also comes with remote control, however it only contains controls for the CD player:  PLAY/PAUSE, - SKIP +, PROGRAM / REPEAT and STOP.

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