EVEREADY Classic FM Radio

by George Baluschki

The EVEREADY classic FM radio is quite a nice workstation and bedside radio.  The sound is not unpleasant to listen to, as it has a 4 inch speaker.

When this is standing at your worktable or bedside, it is also very handy to use as a watch, as the digital display has a clear and large watch built-in.  However, the watch only displays when the radio is powered off.  When powered on, the display shows the wavelength. 

Another very handy feature of the Eveready Classic Radio is the alarm clock.  Easy operation buttons on the front easily sets the alarm clock, without a lot of complexity.  You simply need to hold in the ALARM button while pressing the HOUR and MIN button to select the desired time you'd like the alarm to sound.  Let go of all the buttons and press the ALARM button to turn the alarm on.  It will now sound at the desired time. 

Operation of the radio, the volume and the tuning is handled by turning a dial for tuning and a dial for volume.  Unfortunately one drawback of this radio is that the tuning dial is VERY sensitive.  You give it a turn and the numbers speed by!  This makes it very difficult to select an exact number, for example 101.2.  One has to turn the dial very carefully, and sometimes when you let go of the dial the numbers go to 101 or 101.3.  Sometimes after getting it exacxtly right, and you leave the radio for a while, probably the resistance of the dial will move it some milli-millimetres to one side and take the station a few decimals off.  This is one area in which this radio can be improved. 

An earphone input on the side makes it listenable by earphones or headphones, if privacy is desired. 

Other specs:



POWER SOURCE DC: 9V PM9/PP9 (Batteries)


The Eveready Classic FM radio uses an Eveready PM9 or PP9 battery.  When used with either of these batteries, this radio carries a guarantee of one year.

It is available in silver or black.

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