WIKKID WIK031 Mp3 Player

by Marius Musicluva

When thinking of an mp3 player, most people think ipod.  Aside from being a small storage device for music and other data, with the ipod also comes the popularity and "coolness".

However, if you're looking for something that does the exact same things but you want to spend only a fraction of the cost of an ipod, one of the small pocket-sized devices you might consider is the Wikkid WK031 mp3 player.


This WIKKID WIK031 mp3 player is small and easily fits into the palm of your hand.  It will go easily into one of your pockets without being so small that it would get lost.

What you will use this mp3 player for most is to play back mp3 music files, and listening to FM radio. 

It does however have far more functions, however in my experience you don't use these as much, but can sometimes. 

Such functions include recording and playing back your own voice recordings with this device, and reading .pdf e-books on it. 

It will also display .jpg, .bmp and .gif photos on the screen, and, if you really wanted to, you can convert movies with the included software to .amv format, which will also play back on this device. 

But of course the size of this unit means that the screen isn't very big, meaning that played back videos may be too small for you to really enjoy viewing, especially if you have widescreen movies that will only use part of this little 4x3 screen.  If you convert your movies to 4:3 or they are of a 4:3 aspect ratio already, then it will play the entirety of the screen and be ok to view. 

Even though only certain formats of videos and photos will be played back on the unit's screen, this unit can of course also be used as a storage device for data, and can be connected by USB cable to any computer.  It has a built-in capacity of 4GB, and will take those small flash memory cards that hold 128 MB up to 8 GB. 

It is also charged by plugging it into a computer through the USB port.  Optionally you can purchase a USB charger that plugs into a wall outlet.

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