How Steinberg and Other Software Companies Encourage Software Piracy

by Jerry McKenzi

Well, I just had the depressing experience that is the attitude of software companies.  In particular, Steinberg.net.  Investing in their software seems a big mistake, unless you allow them to keep sucking you dry like a parasite for the rest of your life like you're a dumb rich fool who can keep throwing money at the same issue over and over and over again!

When investing in furniture for your home, kitchen appliances, tupperware, bowls and dishes for example, you buy them once and use them virtually forever.  That's how it works with most things:  Buy it and use it for as long as you and the item are able.  This is different than a continuing service for example, which is paid for in smaller amounts continuously under the agreement that it is a subscription. 

Unfortunately, software companies like Steinberg sell you a product under the guise of the big amount once off principal, but never tell you that they're secretly plotting that they're gonna suck you dry again and again for all eternity asif they sold you their product with the understanding that it's an extremely expensive subscription. 

Some years ago I bought Cubase SL 2 for example, not cheap at all but as long as it was working for what I needed it for, it was worth it, and I used it up until a month or three ago.  Then I get Windows 7 and have to reinstall everything. 

Now, this Cubase SL2 software, though "old" in software terms, is still quite capable of doing what I used it for, which was to add voice tracks to video and sync, stretch, shrink and add effects to them.  It worked perfectly and needed no replacement. 

But now that I reinstalled Cubase, suddenly I find that Steinberg meanwhile employed "eLicenser" to activate the software.  And this eLicenser will not activate my software for anything in the world.  

I emailed Steinberg.net but after some emails back and forth, it's obvious they haven't learned yet that the purpose of customer issue correspondence is to aim at having the customer up and running again.  No solutions were offered, and no activation of my product. 

Instead, they act all not-responsible for their product because they "do not support that version anymore".  I of course feel I supported them and I'm an old-time customer, and customers like me allowed them to stay in business, so to tell me to bugger off and strip me of my use of software I purchased from them is not quite leaving me happy.   So what do they expect me to do?  Buy the newest version so I can use it instead of the version I already bought that works just fine for the purposes I bought it for if activated?  HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THE SAME NEED??!! 

So this is what's going to happen when I invest in their products.  They're going to bring out a few more versions and then want nothing to do with the customers whose support enabled their company to keep existing and create updated versions in the first place!  And what's worse, they make it so that you cannot use what you bought from them prior!

And then software companies wonder why software piracy is rampant.  It's because in such a case as this, the paying customers are punished by being stripped of their use of the product, and forced to pay again for a newer version, even when a "limited time use" was not the understanding at the original point of sale.  This while the software pirate who "stole" the software doesn't have any losses, because he didn't invest money in it.  In other words, software piracy really was the better way to go. 

In conclusion, I truly believe it will only be right if software companies sell you software and allow you unlimited use of what you bought from them, for as long as you choose to.  They are welcome to bring out new versions, but it is criminal of them to strip you of your use of what you paid them for, through the use of "activation" methods that will not work on previous versions of the product.  They MUST let you have the use of a product you paid them for.

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