AIM ACD300 Portable CD Radio

by Hannes Jakobs

The AIM ACD300 Portable CD Radio has quite a surprizing volume for a radio of this size.  Usually when purchasing similar looking radios, the sound is much weaker.  However, I have actually used this one in a large hall so people could practise their dancing on the music this device played back.  That would have been impossible with many other similarlooking CD players.

The technical specs are thus:




AM: 530-1600 KHz  FM: 88-108 MHz

AC: 220V-240V ~, 50Hz, 12W

DC: 9V (6X UM-1/D=CELL/LR20)

Aestetically not unpleasing, this unit plays both CD's and radio. 

It has one headphone output. 

CD functions are Play and Pause, back, next, repeat, stop and Program. 

A small indicator on the front displays the CD track being played.  The radio tuner is on a small mechanical display on the right of the unit, next to the tuning button. 

The AIM ACD300 can run off both power and batteries.  Power is turned on on by a sliding switch on the left of the unit. 

AIM is generally good quality for money.  One problem with this design though is the CD lid. 

After some months of use, as the CD is spinning in the unit, it starts sounding like there's light friction on the CD from its spinning inside the unit.  This spinning sound stops when one pushes the lid into the unit some more. 

Of course it gets very irritating having to always place a heavy book or something on top of the unit so that it plays smoothly without any audible friction.  This is definitely a finer point on which this unit can be improved. 

The working life of this particular model seems to be quite long.  Depending on the amount of use, I would say about five years is reasonably expectable, unfortunately with the CD lid issue previously mentioned.  The latter is the only problem I have with this unit, otherwise I would have given it five stars.  The sound quality is not bad either for what you are getting.  It's agreeable stereo sound, not sounding too tinny.

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