by Cedric Kalvington

The Telefunken TMP-888B mp4 player is a rather nice mp3 & mp4 player.  It's about the size of a small cellphone, and about as flat as one of those flat cellphones. 

What's also nice about it is that it comes with a USB charger you can plug into a wall socket, as opposed to some of the smaller mp3 players that comes only with a USB cable that you have to plug into a computer to charge.  I've also used one of those and sometimes it's a slight issue to get it to start charging, not to mention you need to have a running computer handy.  With the wall socket charger, it's just much easier and quicker. 

The screen size of this mp4 player is just about right.  It's big enough so you can easily view videos, photos and ebooks on it.  It also automatically switches between portrait and landscape orientation, depending on which side of it you hold up. 

This is a very handy boredom fighter for when you're waiting in doctor's waiting rooms, waiting in the car for someone, or waiting at a train station, wherever really.  In addition to watching movies, you can listen to the radio, and of course listen to the mp3 music you can download from a computer onto this device. 

This mp4 player has a touch screen and vibrates to confirm a registered touch.  For the most part it is pretty easy to muster, although it does take some practise in the beginning.  

When watching videos you can choose to watch in the video's aspect ratio, or have the video fill the screen. 

One feature I would have liked to have seen them add to this produt is a built-in speaker.  Unfortunately it only works with earphones, which you probably will use most when using this device in public, but still, sometimes it is appropriate to show someone something on it and then you would have liked to have you and them both listening to the sound. 

Another drawback is that it doesn't play High Definition video, only SD resolution.  This kind of causes a hassle when you have HD .h264 files on your computer that you would like to download to this device to view on it.  You will first have to convert it to SD.  It does play quite a few video formats, contrary to those types of mp3 players that play only .amv files.

It stores up to 8GB of data.

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