PERMA Self Sticking Paper Towel Holder Bar

by Harry Shelfton

If you need a quick solution to add a small rail to your bathroom or kitchen so you can hang up your dishwashing cloth, small hand towel or paper towel roll, the Perma Products Self Sticking Paper Towel Holder might be just the thing you need.

It simply sticks on with mirror tape, also called double sided tape (included already on the product when purchased.)

If you're in a hurry, you'll probaby just take off the paper from the double sided tape and stick on the product. Viola! It works well this way.

However, if you like to follow the proper instructions as given, here they are as on the back of the packaging:

Cleaning of the surface to stick the product onto:

Ensure the surface substrate is sealed and free from residual, dust and grease.

Use Isopropyl Alcohol to remove grease.

Allow surface to dry after cleaning.

Do not touch the adhesive on the double sided tape after removing the release paper.


Allow 24 hours before applying any load.


Each square centimetre holds 17g on a smooth, sealed surface.

Do not use to hang objects of value, or for hanging objects above a bed.

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