Bright Light stick up bulb: Portable and Wall-mountable lamp, 3 LED. Very useful!

by Jim Fairway

I came across this rather useful, inexpensive night lighting solution when I was looking for a small light to turn on when I need to walk to the toilet during the night.

The Bright Light Portable and Wall-Mountable Lamp is just the thing if you want to make a little light somewhere without difficult installations of electrical wires and whatnot.

This easy unit simply sticks onto a wall with mirror tape (included).

It has the strength of 3 LED bulbs, and is powered by 3 x AAA batteries.

It's perfect for lighting small spaces, like wardrobes & closets, or, as mentioned before, you just want some light to walk to the bathroom.

It is turned on by pulling on the little string.

I put mine up on the wall my bed is standing against, about three feet above my head. Whenever I need light at night, I simply pull on the string above me. Easy!

I wouldn't say it's really strong enough to read by, unless you hold your book really close to it. So for reading, get a bed lamp.

But if it's more a matter of having easy light close by that can be turned on with the pull of a string, this product is just great.

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