Vita Sleep Memory Foam Pillow: First Impressions

by Danny Salzburg

To have a good night's sleep... how we all crave that!

Overall I sleep generally okay, aside from the night here and there when I just don't get comfortable and can't quite enjoy my beauty rest as well as I should. 

And that is why, recently when I walked around in one of my favorite supermarkets, Checkers Hyper, and spotted a shelf full of sleeping pillows, I was wondering if there was a way to up my comfort level during sleep by having a better pillow.  Yes, I know that sounds like some fantasy the makers of pillows would want to stress in order to make you buy their product, but I was seriously wondering at that moment if there is a special kind of pillow that would give me an extra nice night of sleep. 

I take a look at the pillows.  Pillows aren't just pillows anymore.  They probably used to be just these soft things to rest your head on, but nowadays you get "no-snore" and "anti-snoring" pillows, and the one that catches my eye now is the VitaSleep "Memory Foam Pillow". 

"Memory foam".  Lamest term I've yeard probably like ever, but yeah there it is. 

So what is a "memory foam" pillow?  I take a look at the paper in the bag with the pillow:

"This amazing new pillow is a revolutionary breakthrough in foam technology.  This pillow conforms itself to the head and neck.  Superior Pressure Points Relief.  Provides Proper neck support and alignment for optimum  comfort and sleep.  Memory "slow" foam, which through its sensitivity to temperature, recognizes shape and pressure and distributes load as evenly as possible.  The pillow you will want to get your head on.  It's another great product from your VitaSleep people."

Wow.  Who could have known sponge can be like a sleeping health therapist.  If I buy this pillow, I must be able to sleep so deep, I'll be in a coma!  I'll take it!

"Shaped with two heights. (The lower side for females)".  Whookey, I better not sleep on the wrong side or my sexuality will be threatened. 

The only thing that is extremely offputting about this product, is the price.  It costs R300 (that's like $35).  For a pillow??  Yes, calm down, I know.  But if I don't pay it, I won't know if this "memory foam" pillow actually will make me sleep fantastic, so I just grunt on my teeth and pay the insane price.  I'll just close my eyes and pretend I'm shopping at Harrods again.  Okay, not "again".  For the first time. 

Anyway, how was my first few nights sleeping with this "Memory Foam" pillow contraption? 

Well, though the pillow feels attractive when you squeeze it with your hand and you feel that "memory foam" effect, when I actually put my head on it and tried to sleep, my first impression was "wow, this feels so hard".  It was kind of disappointing and not comfortable at all.  But, I chucked it up to being a new pillow that may need to be slept in a bit. 

The second night went a bit better.  Probably I just needed to get used to it. 

By the fourth night though, I just felt like sleeping with a soft, stuffed pillow again.  My head was just asking for that soft plush feeling.  So I didn't sleep with the "memory foam" pillow on this night. 

The nights following, I found that sometimes I long for that "memory foam" feeling, and sometimes I want soft plush stuffing.  However, I don't find that feeling of the "memory foam" pillow uncomfortable or offputting anymore. 

So in conclusion, this "memory foam" pillow is something you may have to grow into.  It's an acquired taste.  If you have always slept with soft plush pillows, you may not like the "memory foam" pillow right off the bat.  However, later on you may. 

Anyway, that's my experience of the "memory foam" pillow.

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