Coffee alternative Chicory Cup: Caffeine free, gluten free instant chicory beverage

by Early Joe

Chicory Cup is a product which consists of extract made from chicory root. The ingredients are just one: 100% roasted chicory root.

It looks like brown powdered instant coffee, and almost tastes like coffee but isn't.

It is indeed prepared just like instant coffee: Dilute a spoon or two into a cup of hot water. Sugar and milk may be added to taste.

Now you might ask why anyone would rather drink chicory root extract than just a good old cup of coffee. What is so special about drinking chicory root extract?

Well, doing an online search for health benefits of chicory root, here are basically what you find people say chicory root is good for:

- Reduce stress compared to coffee. Since chicory contains no caffeine, it’s a great substitute to reduce your caffeine consumption and get cortisol levels in check, thereby reducing stress.

- Anti-Inflammatory Properties. Plant polyphenols have the ability to help combat inflammation.

- Protects the liver. Chicory extract is rich in natural antioxidants and is able to scavenge reactive free radicals. Therefore, it boosts the defense system of the body while also cleansing the liver.

- Chicory root extract could delay or prevent the early onset of diabetes as well as improve bowel movements due to the fibrous makeup.

- Extracts of chicory root have anti-inflammatory properties that may help with arthritic symptoms, particularly degenerative joint disease, aka osteoarthritis.

- Chicory root contains oligosaccharide-enriched inulin, which is a prebiotic. Prebiotics can help promote the growth of helpful probiotics in your digestive system and may enhance calcium absorption. This can be good but also uncomfortable if taken in excess since the gut will produce more gas with more fermentation.

- Chicory root has been shown to relieve constipation thanks in large part to its inulin role.

And what does Chicory cup taste like?

Well, the first time I didn't like it much, probably because I was expecting coffee and it's not 100% the same.

But then, the second time I drank it, I could not believe it - I found it actually delicious! I had a bit of milk with it.

And maybe my imagination is wild or not, but I actually felt a bit of a lift in my spirits within half an hour or so after drinking it. For a few hours I was feeling quite happy. I think I'll drink this many times to come.

Chicory Cup Nutritional information per 100g:

ENERGY (kJ) 1280

PROTEIN (g) 3,8


TOTAL FAT (g) 0,1


SODIUM (mg) 144