Pac-man heat changing mug: Your favorite video game will show you how hot your mug is!

by John Kappasoop

So, you like coffee, you like Pac-man, and you like your coffee hot!

Well then, this mug combines all those things into a cute novelty product for you.

The Pac-man heat changing mug looks like a mug with a picture of a powered off Pac-man game on it.

However, pour your hot coffee or tea in it, and the action starts!

Soon you start seeing Pac-man and the colorful ghosts appearing on your mug, as well as those little yellow dots that Pac-man eats.

If you're very busy and work at your computer while your tea or coffee is standing, should you really first taste your tea or coffee to make sure it's still hot enough? Yuk! No, you don't want the taste of cold tea or coffee in your mouth!

And that's where this product will come in very handy. Instead of tasting to get a clue of the temperature of the beverage, simply see if it still looks like there's a game of Pac-man going on. No Pac-man, no drinky-drink, and time to pour anew.

Please note the Pac-man heat changing mug is NOT dishwasher or oven safe. The plastic picturemagic will probably melt off.

Apparently this mug can be used in the microwave though, for I've used it in the microwave to heat some milk for milk coffee, and it is still in functioning order.