The Lost Ark of the Covenant: The Remarkable Quest for the Legendary Ark, by Tudor Parfitt

by Jacques Olivier

In "The Lost Ark Of The Covenant", Professor Tudor Parfitt tells his extraordinary real life adventure of his 27 year quest to find the Biblical Ark of the Covenant. 

The Ark was lost for 2,500 years and many scholars believed it was only a myth. 

To find the ark, one has to know what the ark is. 

So what is an "Ark"?  Ark simply means Container.  Like the container or ark that Noah enclosed himself in when the deluge occured.  The Ark is said by the Bible to have the stone tablets with the ten commandments on them inside. 

As big a role as the Ark played in the Bible, it suddenly disappears and no mention is made of it further.   It would appear it was in Solomon's temple last. 

To add to the confusion of where to look for it, there are many myths of "The Ark" told by different groups - does this mean that more than one "Ark" was made?  While the Bible speaks of "The Ark", it speaks of two different occasions where the order came to build the Ark, and one is very different from the other.  One can only assume then that there was no "THE" Ark, but in actuallity more than one.  What was the purpose of these arks? 

In this book, acclaimed scholar and adventurer Tudor Parfitt embarked on an epic journey across the Middle East, the Pacific and Africa to find the lost Ark.  The trail took him from ancient codes and documents in Oxford and Jerusalem to the legends of a strange tribe near the Limpopo River, and then to new discoveries in the science of genetics. 

Some people of course do not want the ark to be found.  In his travels, Parfitt was ambushed, trailed, shot at and almost kidnapped had he not narrowly escaped. 

Finally he discovered an ancient artifact identical to the descriptions given in the Bible of the Ark. 

In this book, you as the reader will discover a much clearer picture as to what the ark actually is - both a weapon that through a hole in the bottom could shoot some kind of fire (as is described in the Bible) used in wars, a container for holy objects, and a simple musical instrument, a drum. 

And if you read the different descriptions of how "The Ark" should be built in the Bible, you will soon realize that the one with the golden cherubs and covered in gold must have been a different container for a different purpose than the second description of a wooden ark.  But what though?

Reading "The Lost Ark Of The Covenant" will spark your curiosity and get your imagination going.