Is there life after film school? - A book by Julie MacLusky

by Jennifer Lawrence

The lucky students who get into film school - and get through it without dropping out - have to compete for a small number of prestigious jobs once they graduate.

Despite the enormous odds stacked against them, most students leave film school still hoping to become the next Spielberg or Scorsese.

The mistmatch between their dreams and the reality of working in the industry itself is considerable!

Julie MacLusky's book, "Is there life after film school? - In depth advice from industry insiders" shows that there are more options available to students than they might think.

Through a series of in-depth, candid and entertainting interviews with film industry insiders, the book reveals a range of career paths taken by scriptwriters, production designers, producers and marketers.

All of the interviewees share with the reader the specific qualities and crucial insider information that distinguish successful film graduates from the rest of the pack.

The resulting book is inspiring and realisitc in equal measures, and for those who really want to make it in the film industry, whether in Hollywood, Europe or elsewhere, it is an invaluable source of information and ideas.

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