Hyperloop: Transportation for people and goodies that is like really fast and cheap!

by Johnny Cashin

So, you've probably seen those pipes at banks and other places into which things are placed and then they get sucked around in the pipe.

You've probably also seen people being transported in pipes like that, for example on the TV show The Jetsons.

Is this possible in real life for real people and big goods?

Yes, there's a company already doing that. It would appear to be another Elon Musk creation.

It's called Hyperloop.

Hyperloop is the new way to transport things and people at a speed faster than airlines, and more cost effective too.

Pipelines will be built in five countries, that will serve as low pressure tubes in which electric motor thingies will transport goods and people.

Goods will be transported by 2020, and people in 2021.