Adobe Premiere CS5: Fast blurring makes a layer come out halfway transparent!!!

by Jacobus van den Bergh

So, if like me, you've done editing on Adobe Premiere CS6, you might have found that if you compose a layer upon another one, and you would like to blur it a bit using the Fast Blur filter, you might have noticed that you end up with a half transparent layer on top of your source video.

This does not show on the preview, but does in the rendered result.

This may drive you mad.

How to fix it you ask?

Well, for some reason if you add another layer underneath it inamong your compositing layer and your source video, it doesn't have this problem.

So I would suggest you superimpose something completely transparently onto your source video and then add the layer on top of both that you'd like to blur.

Then, your result should be ok.

I suppose this is a bug in the software.