Amerigeddon Movie Review: Hilariously amateur but fun to watch!

by Mike Rexington

So you know how sometimes you get to watch these random movies independently made from Hollywood's sterile studios? Sometimes you're pleasantly surprized, while sometimes you can only laugh at the absolute amateurism and terrible production values.

Well I had that experience again recently when I was exposed to the movie "Amerigeddon". It's quite a fun watch, even if it's not top notch in the technical department, or script department.

Amerigeddon is a 2016 film that depicts a situation in which the United Nations openly practise terrorism in cahoots with the American Military, creating a crisis leading to instating martial law against American citizens and attempting to disarm them by force in order to rule over them like some kind of fascist authoritarian monstrous parasite demon mafia.

Well Wikipedia is quick to point out that this is a fictional attack based on "political theory from an extreme political stance", while many American citizens would probably go like "theory???? Sounds like the gummint's corrupt business as usual."

Anyway, the story revolves around an American family who have a son in the military who smells trouble and deserts his post, fleeing back home to the family ranch and then being hunted by some kind of Russian UN guy and the son's squadron leader or captain or something armyish of the sort, the latter serving the UN's evil interests.

A great battle ensues on their ranch which ends triumphantly for the family, and a voiceover of the father talking about how they shall not be used and abused by a "puppet government".

Spencer Neville plays the son in the military. I had a hard time finding a decent screenshot from the movie of this main character, so I'm just including this random pic of him modestly dressed.

The movie is a fun watch. It felt fresh to see a story like this openly told, whereas most mainstream movies would never critisize the UN or any khazarian-jewish run organization, and seldom the government, bowing down to "political correctness" or some socialist dogma nonsense.

This movie on the other hand just openly depict the UN as evil, and the government as a corrupt anti-american establishment. Even though many people have been thinking that, it felt new and fresh to see the idea depicted on the silver screen.

Of course a lot of the movie can be critisized too. The effects looked cheap and amateur, all the explosions and fires of course having been slapped on digitally, instead of being created physically for the shoot. It's sad that it's so amateur, no offence to the people who did it. They tried and for special effects it's not too bad, but it was still very obvious instead of seamless and believable.

The script needed a lot of work. They had all the ideas right and knew what they wanted to say, but some of it felt a bit like an amateur melodrama and the filmmakers didn't seem to keep track of the feel and mood.

For example, it's obvious they tried to start out with everything seeming allright but with something secret brewing, and then a divide where the bomb burst so to speak from which everything is now chaos and apocalyptic and everybody has to fight for their own rights instead of being able to rely on the government for support.

This divide in the story did not come across. Aside from a satellite shooting some kind of electromagnetic shockwave, everything was really just talked about and the point that the chaos broke out was never depicted properly - it was mostly talked about by some melodramatic women who started whining about how terrible this point is now at which they've finally arrived. I had trouble knowing what exactly they're suddenly sulking about when it seemed they were still ok.

I understood the concept of what they were trying to get across - the breakdown of civilization by the corrupt elite running the government - but the movie failed to change the mood or really create believable chaos. In fact, the chaos were so minimal that only some really serious doomsday prepper who's absolutely paranoid would believe that this was a serious threat of a situation he's now finding himself in.

It also wasn't quite believable that the government and the UN would bother to waste their time trying to find this one boy who knows the truth, when they were already at the point of disarming or attacking or destroying through fear the entire American society anyway. No use bothering to keep the secret anymore.

The team of evil men were also far too small. There was like one guy in an office building who phones the president and speaks to him rudely; the Russian UN guy; and the army guy who was head of the boy's squadron or something. Sorry, I don't really know who's who in the army, but the guy was some kind of authority figure anyway. Really now, these three were planning to take over America? The real elite trying to destroy the West is probably a bigger mafia gang than that.

The actors they cast for this movie range from good to amateur. Don't expect the best performances you've ever seen from film actors.

All in all, would I say to watch this movie? Yes, watch it. After all, you've wasted your life watching all the garbage from Hollywood and the likes of mainstream media, so you might as well watch this. It's a fun watch really. Eat some corn chips, drink a few beers, fire a few guns while you're watching it, and you can have yourself a gay old time! Gay as in jolly and happy. Of course.