Adobe Premiere Crashes when Opening Project: What to Do if You Know What File is Crashing Adobe Premiere when Opening the Project

by MooiKasteel.Com

Software and computers can sometimes cause you a lot of grief and frustration.

But let's get to the point: 

So, you were editing a video masterpiece in Adobe Premiere, when suddenly after adding a video or photo file to your timeline, or adding a filter to one such clip or photo, you suddenly get that gutblowing message on your screen:  "Adobe Premiere has caused a problem and will now close".  Or something similar to that wording. 

So, you restart Adobe Premiere.  When you open the project file, Adobe Premiere opens it then immediately crashes before you can do something. 

So, you reboot your computer.  Then restart Adobe Premiere.  It seems that now, your project may actually open.  But, it took just a few seconds longer, but then it just crashes again. 

Life is looking bleak, as you start to entertain the possibility that your project, on which you have been working hours if not days and weeks, will never, ever, ever open again, and it's all gone.  You'll have to start from scratch.  You swear and want to go cry on your bed. 

Are you experiencing this problem right now?  I'm guessing so, and that's why you searched for a solution, and that's how you landed on reading this. 

Well, I do have good news for you, because I believe I may have a solution to your predicament. 

Allright, follow these steps to get your project to open again and let the sun shine on your dark desperation:

1.  Make sure Adobe Premiere is not open. 

2.  Open your computer's file manager.  In Windows, this is called My Computer.  Browse to the folder in which your raw material that you've been using to make your movie in Adobe Premiere is. 

3.  RENAME the file that is causing the problem, to something else.  (This solution is for when you know what file you added or added a filter to, that then suddenly made Adobe Premiere crash.  If you don't know, try to remember what you did last in the project, after which it wouldn't open.  Is there a photo that had a very high resolution, that you used in your project?  Sometimes when you add really big pictures to video projects, especially if you add filters to those, they make Premiere crash.)

4.  Now, after renaming the problem file, OPEN YOUR PROJECT in Adobe Premiere. 

5.  When it tries to open the file that has now been renamed, it will open a window asking you to locate the file manually.  DO NOT CLICK "SKIP", AND DO NOT CLICK "OFFLINE".  Rather, select ANOTHER non-problematic file, that you know works.

  Your project should then open again, HOORAY!!!!!!!!

6.  Where on your timeline you used to have the offending clip, which is now still there but an entirely different file, you can now simply delete this clip or image. 

7.  Well, your project is now open, so save a version of it first so you have something to fall back on.  How you are now going to proceed, is up to you:  If you need that clip that caused a problem, perhaps you should first make sure it's ok;  you may need to re-render it or re-upload it or re-digitize it from your video camera, to make sure you get a version that doesn't have any problems, and you can try importing this new version into your project.  If it was a photo that caused the problem, you may open the offending file in a photo editor and resize it, if it was really big, or save it to a more safely compatible format. 

There you go;  I hope this helped get your project back on track.  By the way, if you still don't have it, you may want to get yourself this nifty Adobe Premiere plugin that removes video and photo grain and noise - comes in very handy if you want to use a paused video frame or a still photo as a background, without the frozen grain on the picture giving it away that it's a still frame.

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