GadgetTech Computer USB 4 Port Hub: Good Idea Made Bad

by Rory Sandukan

Ah GadgetTech... a company with so many good ideas... and then they bugger it up by changing it into dumb ideas.

One of their ideas that could have been wonderful but is buggered up now, is their GadgetTech Computer USB 4-Port Hub. 

Now first let's discuss why this could be a fantastic idea: 

First of all is the price.  They sell them for less than half of what other computer stores and computer departments at supermarkets sell USB hubs for.  That's good!  They could have taken the market by storm! 

Secondly, they're just so pretty!  Look at them in the picture above!  Seriously, they're beautiful.  Aesthetic value is waaaaay up there.  :x!  So beautiful.  I dare say "cool!".

And if you turn them over, the bottom is see-through so you can see the circuitboard inside.  Looks all robolicious.  

When I saw them in a shop, I had to rush right over.  I thought I couldn't live without one or two of these babies!

The concept is ever so cool.  You plug it into your computer's USB port, and now you have 4 USB ports!  Hooray! 

It needs no driver.  Just plug and play!

And, just to make it extra spunky, a greenish yellowish little light lights up inside the unit when it's plugged in.  

All in all, this GadgetTech product could be a market leader.  Truly.   Might have been very useful. 

Now, let's get to how they turned this fantastic idea into a useless one: 

IT'S ONLY USB 1!!!!!  Who in blazes still use USB 1?

In fact, in many cases devices can't work with USB 1.  It's simply not fast enough. 


I simply cannot fathom why anybody would still sell USB1-only devices at this time.   I mean for the same manufacturing effort they might as well have made these USB 3 and because of the good price and aesthetic value these things would fly off the shelf.  For those who don't know what that means, it means they would sell like sweetcakes. 

And unfortunately, because of this oversight of somebody at GadgetTech who didn't know we're not living in 2002 anymore and have moved on years down the line, I'm afraid this product is now next to useless.  Bummer.

If you're a shopkeep and you're going to sell USB hubs, please make sure they're USB 3 and above.

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