Payperpostforum.com: My Experience & Review As a Forum Owner

by Harrison Iglesias

The idea behind sites like Payperpostforum.com is a good one, but I'm afraid in my experience, as a forum owner things didn't work out with Payperpostforum.com.  It's a shame really because I think the concept is a great one!  I'm slightly let down that it didn't run smoothly.

The concept of Payperpostforum.com: 

Say you just started a forum online, how do you get it going?  Do you register yourself as many persons and place a few posts or maybe have your imaginary characters talking to each other?  Naah, senseless and stupid. 

You can rather spend a few dollars on a third party site that collects quality forum posters for you, who will pay each poster 5 cents per post (pricing stated by Payperpostforum.com), and lets you approve their posting in a dashboard before they are paid for it. 

This incentive should drive some folks to your site to get your forum populated and conversations started.

Sounds easy enough, right?  I signed up with Payperpostforum.com as a forum owner.

The first hickup came when I wanted to start my first "campaign", that is to list a forum and have posters posting in it. 

Their system stated "You don't have enough cash to start a campaign Minimum amount is $3".  I deposited the $3 via Paypal.  Ok, now I'm ready to get started, right? 

Now what in blazes??  Now their system gives me a quote with fees etc. that equates to $5.  So now I can't start the campaign until I deposit another $2 to go with the first $3.  

Slightly annoying to say the least.  But, if I could get my forum started, maybe I'll just deposit the other $2 via Paypal AGAIN.  I did. 

Hopefully now I could finally start the campaign.  Yes?  Yes.  I filled in all the details including what kind of posts I want and what I expect.  Finally, the campaign was started.  

So, now I'm going to get posts from this in my forum, right?  I waited and waited.  Days and days.  I looked in my Payperpostforum.com dashboard for pending posts.  None.  Zip.  Not a thing.  

I saw at the bottom of the Payperpostforum.com website it states "Copyright© 2008-2009 PayPerPostForum.com".  Is that the reason?  They haven't been in business for some time already and I had been dealing with the remains of a dead business?  

I clicked on the "Contact Us" link where I left a message asking if Payperpostforum.com was still in business and if everything was OK with my campaign because I'm not getting the posts I paid for. 

No response.  Zip.  I assumed their business was dead. 

Some days later I opened a dispute with Paypal for both payments, stating the reason that I did not get the service I paid Payperpostforum.com for.

Fortunately I did not have to wait long for a response.  I got an email from Paypal the next morning:

"This email confirms that your dispute with Robert Enochs is now closed.

Either you have reached a resolution with the seller or the dispute has been open for more than 20 days."

I didn't understand at first, until I logged into my Paypal account and found that Robert Enochs has refunded the two payments, and added the note "very sorry for the delay".

So, Payperpostforum.com refunded the money for the service they didn't provide.  I do kind of wish that they did fulfill the order from the start instead, but I suppose maybe things didn't really work out on Payperpostforum.com's side, that's all I can gather from this experience.  I may try to register as a forum poster some time and see if things are running smooth on the forum posters side and if their business is still running.  But, that's for later.

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