HP Deskjet 2050A All-in-One Printer: May Not Work on Your Computer

by Harry Jackson

One thing that may make you angry, as it did me and many others, is that Hewlett-Packard company who produces HP printers, does not make Windows 7 drivers available for many of their printers.  In fact, this is something actually disgusting about them.

I had an HP Deskject 930C that was working just splendidly, but now can't be used anymore now that Windows 7 have become the norm. 

I had vowed not to support HP any more as I set out to Hi-Fi Corporation to finally purchase myself a new printer to work on Windows 7.  Yes, purchase a printer AGAIN!!!!!!!  How many have I bought in my short lifespan already?  Sheesh, computer companies are leeches. 

  Cheapest, cheapest, cheap-cheap I decided, seeing as one feels ripped off if one spends a lot of money on a computer printer that the manufacturer then decides not to make compatible with any future operating sysem or computer device, as soon as they can so as to force you to buy YET ANOTHER.  

Anyway, even though I had vowed to not support HP anymore, at the store the cheapest printer was the HP Deskjet 2050A All-in-One Series printer, for R500.  And, on the box it says "Perfect for home printing with LOW PRICED HP CARTRIDGES".  

Ok, I didn't want to support HP again, but since this was the cheapest choice and if we can believe their "low priced hp cartridges" jargon, would be the cheapest in terms of buying cartridges, I finally purchased the HP Deskjet 2050A printer.  

Getting home, I find how lovely they have included a black "hp ecosolutions" carry bag;  one of those permanent shopping bags that you find at Pick 'n Pay and Checkers, just a bigger version.  Guess it's nice of them to include this bag.  Now I can use it for my shopping.

However, I would be more angry and frustrated with HP again and again.  For one thing, the software CD they have included, will not install on my desktop computer. 

It starts installing then says "The software required for your printer could not be installed". 

I tried this again and again.  I did some of the suggestions, like disable firewalls and all such things.  Nothing worked.  Zip.  Now what do I do???

I downloaded the newest version of the driver software, only to find it creates the same result.  I asked for support on the HP support forums more than once, without ever getting any response.

I called the HP support.  A friendly chick registered me and gave me a reference number.  However, she wasn't the one who helps with printer issues;  so she then put me through to "technical support". 

What a waste of time.  The guy sounded a bit duh-ey.  He'd ask me a question, I'd tell him the answer, then follows a long, long silence.  Then he speaks again to ask some more simple questions.

I suggested to him I install the software and tell him exactly what happens and where the problem message comes in.  He said let's not waste time with a roundabout route and instead just find the problem.  Whoookey. 

So follows a time of more silence than speaking from his side.  I at first assumed he's checking up troubleshooting guides for this printer on his computer, but he didn't really seem interested and sounded more bored and not in the mood for solving any problems.  I wonder what kind of cheap untrained losers HP hires for their "support" nonsense. 

Finally, after more silence, the guy just hung up on me without a word.  Not a big loss I suppose, seeing as it was becoming obvious he doesn't know what the problem is and is not going to expend the effort of finding out. 

I called HP again and asked for the technical support.  This time some other not-so-bright chick answered, who told me there's a queue. 

So?  Put me in the queue then, I tell her. 

She said there's a queue, asif it means she can't put me through. 

I tell her I was just talking to this guy at technical support, and we didn't finish our conversation. 

She says she can't put me through, there's a queue. 

I say so what now?  Put me in the queue then. 

She then very impatiently says "Sir, there is a queue!". 

I say "So how do we solve this problem then?"

She says there's a queue. 

Oh my god, what in blazes is wrong with this chick?  She's obviously not getting that the purpose of this call is to solve a problem.  She just wants to say there's a queue.  How do we get anywhere now?

She tells me again there's a queue.  I just hang up.  What kind of dumb people are there working for HP?  No wonder they can't just write a simple driver for Windows 7 for their previous model printers.  Everybody can't do anything because they're too dumb.  And let's not forget as long as there's a queue, nobody is allowed to do anything.

There's a queue.  Let's all stop what we're doing and not progress anywhere from here, since there's a queue.  The queue is our cue to freeze where we are until we die where we stand.  Let's show how little we think of our customers by not solving any issues they have with our products.  We'll just tell them there's a queue.  That's the final word.  

I took that lousy printer and threw it back in the box and just shoved the power cable and rubbish back onto it, ready to take back to the store next time I go to town.  

And I would have, had I not also owned another laptop that has Windows XP still on it, that the software did install on.  I haven't had the time to test the printing on it yet, but I suppose it would work since the software did install.  At least I hope it works otherwise I'm going to add an update here that is not too pleasant.  And, if I was going to use Windows XP, I might have just kept my old printer and not bought this new white elephant to begin with.

At this stage, it's only the "low priced cartridges" thing that is still keeping me hanging on to this printer.  However, I have some suspicion that they may be extremely expensive.  Hopefully I can find generics.  

Anyway, just warning you that before you think of buying the HP Deskject 2050A, there is a very real possibility it might not work on your computer.  Best is if you download the driver software online first and see if it installs on your computer, before you go out and waste money and time on an HP product.

UPDATE: Since writing this article, drivers have become available for Windows 7 and Windows 10. So you shouldn't have this problem anymore.