How to Have a Family Christmas Together when They All Plan to Be Somewhere else over the Holidays

by James Davids

Hello there!

Now, many people think when their families can't all make it to a common place for Christmas, that they should just cancel their family Christmas get-together or do it without half the family there.

Most every year, everybody in the family already planned to be somewhere else with friends, on a trip, visiting other friends or other family, etc. etc.  Or maybe they need to work or do somethingorother.  

This was the case with my family too this year.

And funny enough, this is the first time we have the solution.

The solution has been staring us in the face all our lives.  Yes, yours too.

Let me ask you this:

Your business or job or company won't have their employees present on Christmas day. In fact, over Christmas nobody will be there.  Everybody has plans to be somewhere else.  

So how do they make sure they fit in a Christmas celebration?

They simply have their Christmas party in November, or even at the end of October.

Of course, *smack self on forehead*, how easy was that!  There's your answer.

So our family is going to have Christmas on this coming Monday.  This way they can all still be where they planned to be over the holidays, without missing their family Christmas celebration.

"That won't feel like a real Christmas!!" you shout huh? 

Actually it feels just perfect.  In fact, I just went to the store to do Christmas shopping.  Do you know how lovely it felt? 

The stores were busy but it's not at all the stressful rush and haste it was all the other years.  It was more like a calm stroll, thinking everything through on my own time, buying everything needed and getting presents for whom deserve it, and cheaper presents for whom don't.

It just felt like... well, an actual pleasure!  There's already a hint of the Christmas spirit in the stores, without all that peak rush traffic standing in qeues as far as out the door, and without paypoints being buried in customers and closing time approaching and me having to be in 50 other places the same day. 

See how easy it was? Can't believe we didn't see the solution before.

And best of all - nobody has to choose between spending the Christmas celebration together and doing more fun things like going on vacation to the beach or being with wild party friends who drink themselves into a different personality.  Now they can have BOTH!  Ah bless. 

And me, planning to spend my actual Christmas week at home, will have a calm, soothing, enjoyable Christmas season drinking fresh homemade orange juice on a float by the pool, listening to Schubert and playing with my exercise ball in the pool, and at night doing the same but with Christmas pool lights to illuminate it in colors of indescribable beauty.  With all that exercise I'll actually lose weight this Christmas, instead of getting fat and grudgy.  No more noisy Christmas season over Christmas, having gotten that over and done with a month prior. 

Merry Christmas yo!  :X!