Star Wars: Is it good?

by Star Child Petter

I've been reading this book on George Lucas and enjoyed all the trials and tribulations of making Star Wars. Doesn't seem George Lucas enjoyed the making of it at all. It was hell from start to finish.

But of course on the release of the film, people stood in line for days for billions of miles and wanted to see it repeatedly, which made me think the film itself must be some fantasmagorical experience to watch. It was a severely successful commercial venture.

So recently I spotted a discount Star Wars DVD release at the store, and after all the hype and history I've been reading, had to know what this wonder was.

I forced myself to try and sit through it, but after an hour, I just couldn't anymore.

At first I'm like hey this is gonna be good; it's got like robots in the desert kinda like my own movie with the flying robots in the desert.

But soon it was just like... I don't even know what. I can't get myself to be into it. It soon just relies on some space politics of some kind. "Rebellion"? Yawn.

I keep catching myself daydreaming looking at the wall instead of the TV, and I have to rewind to see what I missed.

And that shiny robot is stolen from Buck Rogers and scaled up.

The obviously later added cgi is terrible. I wish I could see the previous version with just the real life puppets in it.

I'll try and force myself to watch at least to the end of the first movie, but while the making of Star Wars was a struggle for Lucas, the watching of Star Wars is a struggle for me.

What am I missing? Why did people like this so?

Not that it has no possibilities; I'm sure if it was cut down to a 30 minute flick, I'd be able to enjoy it.

What is the key to liking Star Wars? Do you like Star Wars?


Ok we're at the start of the second movie. Already lots better and less boring than that first one. What a struggle that first one was.

I'm gonna watch through them all yet!!! Except the prequels. We gotta draw the line somewhere.

Pweeeeee, pweeeeeee, pweepweepwee pweeeeeee pwee, pweeeeee pwee pwee pweeeeee pwee, pwee pwee pwee pweeeeeeu

and so forth.

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