ROBOKID Radio Controlled Robot

by Jeremy Smith

Robokid is a radio controlled robot, standing roughly 0,3 metres high.  It is manufactured by JIA QUI.

To start having fun with Robokid, first top it up with 4 AA batteries going into its feet, plus another 2 AA batteries into the remote control.  

Switch the robot on using the ON/OFF switch on the bottom of its feet.  Now place it on the floor and work it via the remote. 

The remote has a small joystick on it, plus three buttons, one of which is only for decoration. 

Push the joystick up, and Robokid starts walking forward.  At the same time, he makes robot sounds.  Every time he starts to move, he will make a different sound of a small preset variety.  Quite a jolly occasion.  

When he runs out of surface to walk on, push the joystick down to make him turn.  Release the joystick when he's facing the direction of his next course.  Robokid only turns clockwise, so to turn left, you'll have to make a three quarter circle turn.  

When you're ready to have fun, push the STANDBY button on the remote.  Immediately you will hear something like a machine warming up inside robokid.  

Now he is in firing mode.  Push and keep in the LAUNCH button for as long as you would like him to fire.  Out of his mouth he starts shooting flat donut shaped bullets made of foam.  

He will shoot these quite far so make sure you watch where each one goes or you may lose them.  Once his magazine is empty, pick up all the bullets and open the blue hatch on top of his head.  Replace the bullets into it, and Robokid is ready for another firing.   

Whenever Robokid is moving, his eyes and the shape in his chest light up. 

On the front of his feet there are two bumper sensors.  These will cause the robot to stop when running into another surface. 

Now keep steering Robokid throughout the house, occasionally firing at things or pets, until tired.

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