ENZER E5178 DVD Player

by DVD killed the video star

The Enzer E5178 DVD player doesn't have bad features for its price range.

On the front, it has 2 microphone inputs with a volume control dial for them, and a dial to add echo to the voice coming in from the microphones.  This makes it ideal for karaoke fun! :)

It also has S-VIDEO out.  If you know something about video, S-VIDEO carries a better video signal than the more common RCA plug.

In addition to the above, it also has component video out (red, blue and green output seperately).  

In addition to the 2 channel stereo sound output, it also has 5.1 channel surround output as well as Optical and Coaxial digital audio output. 

Another nifty feature is that this DVD player has VGA out.  If you have a video projector, you would of course realise how useful this is.  You can connect it straight to your video projector and viola, best quality output.

It also comes with a remote control unit for remote operation.  

How long can you expect it to work flawlessly before those annoying little problems start creeping in? 

Well, in my experience you can expect to use this DVD player for two years before it's time to throw it away. 

The first thing that may give you problems is that the DVD flap on the front will not automatically close all the way anymore.  The player will not work as long as this flap is not properly closed. 

You can of course then just push it shut by hand, but that will start to annoy you after a while. 

That's the problem I personally have with ENZER.  They make very agreeable products, that would otherwise be wonderful! 

But the flawless operating lifetime of their units isn't something to write home about.  The time it takes for wear and tear to make the product become annoying is just too short in my opinion.  If ENZER could up the quality juuuuuust a tad so products work for at least a year more, it would really do their brand well.

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