AIM ADVD7P Portable Entertainment System

by Movie Manic

The AIM ADVD7P Portable Entertainment System is probably one of the most useful gadgets I ever owned.  It has just about everything one might currently desire in a portable entertainment system.

The unit is black with a white top.  Don't know why but I find it quite aesthetically pleasing. 

Like a laptop, it has a flip-open top that reveals a screen of satisfactory size, with small speakers underneath. 

On the bottom part is a lid under which you insert a DVD or CD, and on the right hand side of the unit it has slots to take memory cards and, most useful of all, USB devices. 

The device can be operated via the buttons on it, or conveniently it also comes with a remote control panel. 

Now getting back to the USB port. 

Aside from the DVD disk playing capabilities, the USB port is what I've been finding overtly useful! 

For example, should you have a movie saved on your mp4 player, but you would like to show it to other people as well and therefore need a bigger screen and sound, you can simply plug your mp4 player into this device through the USB port.  Viola!  A micro movie theater :)

This of course also means that you can charge electronic devices like mp4 players through this device. 

But the fun doesn't stop there!  Let me ask you, how have you been converting your music on audio CD's to mp3 so you can play them on your mp3 or mp4 player?  Have you had to download converting software from the internet and then had to do the conversion and then you had to plug your mp4 player into your computer and then copied it all to your mp4 player? 

I'm sure it works, but there's an even easier way:  Plug your mp4 player into the USB port of the AIM ADVD7P and insert the music CD into the DVD drive, and use the recording feature!  The music is recorded onto your USB device or memory card in mp3 format.  

Other features include an earphone port for private listening, A/V out for example to connect it to a TV or use this unit as a DVD player, a Coaxial port to connect to a digital sound amplifier, and of course DC IN to connect the power cable for running off electricity or to charge the battery. 

The battery will charge for about 3 hours and on that the device can operate roughly 2 hours. 

Use it as a small DVD theater while soaking in the bath or to watch in bed.   Or you can rotate and fold the screen so the screen is on the back of the unit, and put it in the provided pouch you can fasten to the back of a car seat for the children to watch on long roads. 

The screen rotates in many directions and as mentioned above, can even be rotated and flipped so you have a flatter unit that's only half the size.

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