ENZER E5768P7 Portable DVD Player

by Movie Manic

The ENZER E5768P7 is quite a nice portable DVD player, but unfortunately it seems to have one design issue.  A little more on that later.

The E5768P7 plays both PAL and NTSC DVD disks.  This can be easily set up in the menu.  4:3 and 16:9 (widescreen) switching is also easily done in the menu. 

The disk you would like to view is inserted underneath the flip-up screen, which stands in as both the playback monitor and the lid for the DVD tray. 

It can be controlled by remote control as well as the button on the device itself. 

The sound produced by this device is also not bad;  quite satisfactory and loud enough for short distance viewing. 

They even thought to include TWO headphone plugs, so you and a friend can both watch movies on this player without disturbing anyone else in the car or the room or wherever you may find yourself at the time. 

It has ports for S-video (small jack to go into this device), Video and Audio.  A LINE SELECT switch makes it possible to use these inputs as outputs and vice versa. 

I have unfortunately an impression that there is a flaw in the design.  I'll compare it to this unit and it'll become clear what I mean.

The unit mentioned above has a flip open screen, while the DVD disk and its player basically stays horizontal. 

However, regarding the device in question, in order to make the screen stand up on a table, what they did was to add this fold-out leg on the bottom of the unit that flips out, and then you can place the device in the stand-up position it is pictured here:

This makes the DVD disk spin in not a horizontal position and not a complete vertical position, but at an angle. 

I believe the above may be what is responsible for the playback to get stuck, and sometimes to stutter and stumble.  Sometimes it just crashes and starts over. 

Now this may be a mechanical problem, or this may be as I speculate here because of the design.  Probably a flip-up screen concept would have been better. 

Or, it could just be the ENZER brand again;  in my experience their products have not had that long of a working life.  I do hope they improve just a tad because their products would otherwise not be half bad.