REACTOR Wireless Gaming Console Including 20 SEGA MEGA DRIVE Games

by Larry Von Zest

Modern computer games with their 3D virtual worlds are fun, but by no means does that mean the old school arcade game has disappeared!

In fact, you may find it brings quite a smile to your face to live yourself into the 16 bit graphics world again!  How far we've come and all that :)

This Reactor Wireless Gaming Console has a plug and play interface you can just plug into your TV and start playing. 

Two interactive controllers are included, and they're wireless!  They also shut off automatically after some time of inaction.  To activate a controller again, simply start moving it again and a slow-flashing red light on it indicates that it's active. 

One problem I have with it is that, as you can see, Sonic The Hedgehog featrures prominently on the box.  So one would expect to see a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog in the games. 

But unfortunately, there are only two Sonic The Hedgehog games included;  one is Sonic & Knuckles, Knuckles seeming to be the better and more capable character to be in the game, and then there is a Sonic The Hedgehog pinball game, in which you're Sonic as a pinball bouncing all over the place on a pinball background that is a tad more interesting than just normal stay-the-same pinball. 

But still not enough.  I would have liked more Sonic The Hedgehog game versions included. 

What is included is 50 built in games, comprised of 14 arcade games, which is probably where you will be spending most of your time, 16 interactive sports games which are nice if you like to virtually hit balls and stuff, and 20 Official Sega Mega Drive Games.

One of the Sega games that do it for me is "COMIX", in which you're a blonde guy who gets put into a comic book world come to life.  With his trusty friend he meets along the way, a sewer rat that is, he fights monsters underneath the city. 

And who doesn't want to play "Flicky", in which you're a little ducky in a fox world? 

"Cannon" seems to be the most boring game ever, but extremely addictive.  All you do is try to aim your canon in the right direction and then shoot at the right force setting, to get a canon on the other side.  Sounds simple but it hooks! 

Plenty of games in which you have to shake the controller to fight.  Also very addictive :)

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