What to do when your video camera's button functions freeze

by MooiKasteel.Com

So, you have your trusty video camera that you have been using for some years now, and it has always served you well.

But then one day when you turn it on and try to use the menu buttons and other buttons, you find that it suddenly freezes. Your camera is stuck. None of the buttons create any kind of reaction.

Your first thought is obviously that it's probably time to buy a new camera. If only you had the money.

Your second thought is probably to have it repaired.

Naah. Who repairs cameras nowadays? If you have ordered a video camera online, you don't have a shop to return it to for repairs anyway. How is it going to work? Where do you send it to? You decide it's probably best to buy a new camera, since there are new, better cameras available on the market now anyway.

But before you buy a new camera, let me just share what had happened to me very recently. I actually stumbled upon the fix for the problem of a video camera which's buttons stopped creating a desired effect.

Some months ago I put the small video camera into a small bag that I can carry around my neck.

What I didn't know is that a button on top of the video camera, I think the one that takes still snapshots, was slightly depressed by being shoved into this bag.

Over time, the button just remained in that position, halfway pressed and slightly skewed in.

So the next time I tried to access the menu of the video camera, none of the buttons would respond. It completely baffled me. Was it really time to buy a new video camera?

Actually I was glad after a while, especially after looking online for a new one, and found that after these 6 years or so of having had my current video camera, much nicer ones have come onto the market. Especially the 4K consumer ones. I want one!

But, just before I made the final purchase, I took one last look at what could be wrong with my current full HD camera.

This time I happened to stumble upon the problem, which I mentioned earlier. One of the buttons on the camera got stuck in position, pressed and registering an action. This made it impossible for any of the other buttons or menus to be used at the same time.

As soon as I wiggled this button slightly, it let go and popped out.

And viola! Everything else is in working order again.

So, my advice to you is, if you ever happen to have a situation where your video camera doesn't seem to be responding to any buttons pushed, a possible cause is one of the buttons being stuck into a pressed or half pressed position.

Simply inspect each and every possible button on the camera, and make sure they have all let go completely and popped out. Then it might work just fine again.

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