AIM ADV1010 portable 10" LED Monitor and DVD Player: Good for a while

by Johnny Buffalo

The AIM ADV1010 Portable 10" LED Monitor and DVD Player is quite a nice bedroom entertainment system.

What makes it nicer than those flip-top portable DVD players is that this one comes with proper speakers, seperate from the unit (plugged in with wires, not wireless).

This means the sound is much better, and in a small room sounds as good as a hi-fi system.


Built in 2.0 Amplifier. Output 10W x 2 RMS. AV Output Function.

USB Direct. SD. FM Radio. DVD Video.

As you can imagine, there's lots to like about the unit.

It does also have drawbacks and disappointments:

For one thing, mine had a couple of small spots of something, dirt probably, that got in behind the front glass. I haven't been able to blow it out.

For another thing, although it has AV Output, it doesn't have AV input. I'd have liked AV input.

Some .mp4 video files don't seem to want to play on it.

As for its peformance, unfortunately after about a year, the first thing that stops functioning properly is the DVD player. The unit starts to become unable to recognise that a disk has been inserted, and just immediately says "No Disk", without even trying to detect the disk.

Sometimes it still works, but sometimes not. And when it does work, it might have a bit of trouble reading the disk. Sometimes it stops or gets stuck.

So, unfortunately the life span of the DVD player isn't what it should be.

Shame really because it's a nice unit.