A good 4K editing setup (January 2019)

by Roger Jameson

Many people are curious as to what would be a good 4K video editing system for them. So here is what I assembled for myself.

I didn't buy a system; I built one from components since I used to build computers for a living. Here's what's in my new computer which I call Forry Kayette:

- CPU: i7 3600 32gig DDR4 ram
- 9 TB hard drive storage
- 500GB SSD for the system drive
- Nvidia Quadro pro P4000 video card
- SoundBlaster 5.1 audio card PLUS two 27 inch monitors (one rated for color correction)
- 5.1 surround sound speakers
- 2 close field monitor speakers
- and some other stuff.

Not counting the monitors or monitor speakers, I spent $3200. You can get everything you need from TECHNOOUTLET.

The video card can put out four 4K streams at the same time but the real reason I chose it is because of the way graphics programs and compositing programs can make use of its processing power. Render time should be much faster. I'll know once I get the programs installed.

Make sure you buy a video card that uses "displayport". It looks a lot like an HDMI port but it is designed for higher transfer rates (4K).

My monitors are not 4K but I might eventually get a 4K television to view finished product. 4K will become the standard over HD within 5 years (or less) so you'd be stupid to produce anything in less than 4K now.