Ryan Reynolds: A quick byte

by Sandy Beemer

A quick look into the life and career of Ryan Reynolds so far.

Starting out as an actor in Vancouver, Canada, Ryan made the move to Hollywood in 1996, but success didn't come overnight.


According to wikipedia.org, Ryan Rodney Reynolds was born October 23, 1976.

Reynolds was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, the youngest of four brothers.

Ryan is of Irish ancestry and was raised as a Roman Catholic. He graduated from Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver in 1994.

Hollywood career

In an interview with TVGN's Celebrity Style Story, Ryan Reynolds' Hollywood career started in 1996 when he made the trip from Vancouver to Hollywood.

Ryan tells that the very first night in Los Angeles, his Jeep got stolen. He found it a block away with the door removed.

His first break was in a sitcom called "Two guys, a girl and a pizza place".

Ryan recalls he was freaking out because he was only turning 19 at the time and had to play a 25 year old med student - usually you'd find it the other way around with older actors playing younger. He calls it "bold steps" at that age.

Aceshowbiz.com reports that the independent film Van Wilder boosted Ryan Reynold's career so that he made the list of young rising actors of that year.

More movies followed, one of which might be mentioned being "Amityville". Released on April 15 2005, it amazingly hit the box office with total gross of over $103 million, enhancing Ryan's popularity in the industry while also unmistakably driving him to receive many offers of film projects.

(Note this article was written before the Deadpool series and all other such things Reynolds has done meanwhile. But I'm sure you know what he's been in.)

Personal life

According to Zimbio.com, the story of his personal love life goes like this:

* 2001 - 2002: Dating Rachael Leigh Cook

* 2004 - February 2007: Engaged to Alanis Morissette

* April 2007 - December 2010: Married to Scarlett Johansson

* December 2010 - September 2011: Rumored to be with Sandra Bullock

* October 2011 - Present (2013): Married to Blake Lively

How to get in shape like Ryan Reynolds

Menshealth.com quotes him saying "I attribute my results mostly to nutrition."

Eat every 2 to 3 hours to burn more fat. "Your body doesn't need to store fat for energy if you're feeding it all the time," explains Bobby Strom, Reynolds's Los Angeles-based trainer.

Ryan cooks meals in bulk in advance, so that it doesn't require lots of constant work to prepare.

"Never do any of that carve-starve crap," Reynolds says. Instead, watch the clock. Ryan eats most of his carbohydrates post-workout, and none after 8 p.m.