Scare Tactics (TV show)

by Mike Philopodis

There's this show that quickly grew on me.  I am of course talking about Scare Tactics.

You may or may not have heard about Scare Tactics.  Scare Tactics is a television program that sets up scary situations for people who would like to scare the living daylights out of their friends. 

You don't want to give your friend a heart attack provoking scare you say?  "Who would?", you say? 

You'd be surprized how many people, according to this show because they've already done more than one season and people keep providing them with material. 

The first time you see this show, you may not like what they're doing.  How many ways can something like that go wrong?  Some of the people really go into a flat panic.  Who knows what they may do in a situation like that?  If they think their lives are in danger, they may start acting out and killing the people who are scaring them.  Or they may get hurt themselves, trying desperately to get away as quickly as possible.  

However, pretty soon you develop an appreciation for this show.  Are you sadistic if you like it?  Whatever, I do like it now quite some. 

Two of the episodes have been my absolute favorites so far. In one of them, a young black dude is made to believe he is given the job of being part of an investigation into strange anomalies that have been taking place on a farmer's farm.  

After talking to the owner who tells them that he has been finding cattle of his cut open, the team including our victim walks around the farm.  They find cow guts on the ground.  Then they enter this barn of sorts. 

And here's where things get ugly.  The cameraman leaves to go get another battery for the camera, leaving only a woman and our victim in the barn.  Then they start to hear something in the barn.  

And lo and behold, an alien peeks around a corner.  They try to go the other direction, but lo and behold again, another alien jumps out and makes its way towards them.  

Of course our victim is screaming bloody murder at this time.  When the second alien comes closer, he punches the alien in the face.  (This is kind of showing that things might easily go wrong;  if it was me and I believed the alien is hostile I would have killed it.)   

Then the woman who is clinging to him, asks him if he's scared.  Then of course follows their mantra of "Well you shouldn't be.  You're on Scare Tactics."

Then the aliens and everybody reveal they're just people in on the act, and also the friend who set up the victim appears.

I loved that alien scene.  

Another favorite was when the victim went to work for this guy who is giving a party to his guests.  Only when she comes out to meet the guests, they're just mannequins.  But the host acts like they are real, so the victim just goes along with the creepy situation.  Loved that episode also!  

Well, whether you love it or hate it, this show can sometimes be quite impressive.