Pimp My Keyboard with Twin Seven Fun Keyboard Stickers

by Jozy Ficklestein

Is your keyboard boring?

(You probably just went "huh?")

Honestly, is your keyboard boring? It's a pretty common question right?

Well, like you, I never thought much about the excitement level of my computer's keyboard. I mean it's just all black or dark grey with white letters on it, or white with black letters on it. Pretty much the only character it has is the brown dirt that collect on those white keys from your filthy fingers.

Do people walk into your office or workplace, or see your laptop and start a conversation with you because of your computer's keyboard? Do they go "wow, that's so.... (fill in adjective here, like "cool", "cute", "awesome", etc.)"

They never did for me either. My computer keys was under no circumstances a conversation piece.

But all that has changed now.

And that is because I have found the Twin Seven Fun Keyboard Stickers. You just peel and stick!

Why have boring buttons on your computer when you can have beautiful graphics on each and every key?

Yes, if you haven't seen it yet I can understand you're not familiar with the term "pimping my keyboard".

However, pimping your keyboard is very easy with the Twin Seven Fun Keyboard Stickers, and you can pimp your keyboard in two simple steps:

1. Make sure your keyboard is clean and dry.

2. Peel sticker off backing card and position on the corresponding key on your computer keyboard.

3. Use your keyboard all casually, and watch as people start spotting your keyboard and starting a conversation because of it. Honestly, I could not believe I could be popular because of my keyboard. People from young toddlers to adults all have to make some kind of remark, or ask a question, or drop a compliment.

There are nine different themes to choose from. However, most popular would probably just be the KBA0101V layout. It's the one I have too, and it's colorful and brighten up your keyboard. No more boring keyboard!

The colorful little pictures include that of a hot air balloon in the clouds, little cars and vehicles, a bus, boats, stars, pick-up truck, a traffic light, an airplane, ... oh baby the fun never stops!

So, do not be selfish and only wear fashion on yourself, when your computer keyboard may need a fashion make-over. And it probably does. Try it. You yourself will feel a lot better.

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