THE WIZARD OF OZ 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition

by Leo Kowatli

If you're a Wizard Of Oz fanatic, and not many people aren't, you may like to obtain yourself this package of the movie included with a lot of collectibles!

With this package, you will learn a lot about the movie project, including a booklet with old newspaper clippings, an advertising campaign book that was given to movie theaters to use, the original invitation to the preview premiere screening (note the dress code was "Formal"), a ticket to the latter event, the program for the evening, facts and behind the scenes brochures on the making of the movie, and of course the list doesn't stop there!

Let's list the contents one by one:

* A strong, outer box that houses all the contents neatly, beautifully printed in color

* An inner cardboard folder containing four DVD disks.  The disks alone contain a world of entertainment, infotainment, behind the scenes features, and tributes to the people who made it all happen.  Main points include of course the movie wonderfully digitally cleaned up and restored, a featurette on the restoration of the movie, a storybook read by Angela Lansbury, a making of featurette, test footage from the vault, original trailers of the movie, documentary on Victor Fleming, more on L. Frank Baum the writer of The Wizard Of Oz, previous old movie versions of The Wizard Of Oz, and a lot more for you to discover.  The running time of the disks is around 685 minutes.  

* An inner cardboard pouch, containing the following items:

* The invitation to the 1939 premiere of The Wizard Of Oz, at Tuesday evening, 15th of August 1939 at 20:30 in the Grauman's Chinese Theatre. 

* The ticket to above

* The Program for above evening, including a lot of nifty short facts you might not have known about what went into the making of this movie.  Very enlightening and entertaining. 

* A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio News booklet, containing the studio's own newspaper articles about The Wizard Of Oz project

* Complete Campaign Book for theater owners, on the subject of "How to exploit Oz", "How to advertise Oz" and "How to publisize Oz", "for record business!".  It contains samples of all the promotional material available to theater owners and suggestions on how to market and promote their screening of the movie. 

* A small reproduction of "PHOTOPLAY STUDIES, a Magazine Devoted To Photoplay Appreciation, Volume V, Series of 1939, Number 12".  This may remind you of college material for a film class who are dissecting a movie, talking about the art of the storytelling and the making of it. 

* A card with small pictures on it of the old movie's posters.  Can't say the posters were all that striking.  Kind of simple and they didn't write "The Wizard of Oz" in the lettering that we know today. 

* 10 various photographs of the characters, some solo close-ups and some with their co-stars. 

Like me, if you buy this set it will probably take you a few months to systematically go through all the material and have the time to do so.  Quite enjoyable experience if you find this sort of thing fascinating :)   Or think it's junk if you don't.  Whatever :)