Intex inflatable sofa chair: Fun & even comfortable!

by Hannes Swanevelder

Inflatable sofa chair... that sounds like fun, eh? Yeah. Give me one of those, you say.

Well, that's what I thought too when I spotted an inflatable sofa chair, made by Intex, in the store. Actually I wanted too. I'm sure I could create quite a fun sitting room, with such inflatable furniture and some whacky room furnishings.

But, I thought, let me just buy one first and test it out. So I did.

When you take it out, it's this heavy lump of cloistered plastic. Inspecting it, you will find that on a part that will be the bottom of the chair when inflated, are the valves for air intake.

Note: You will need one of those electric inflator pumps for this. You can try a handpump if you like exercise, and if you want to make this a two week project, you can also try and blow it up using your lips and lungs. However, personally I recommend one of those small electric pumps for this sort of thing. The pumps aren't that expensive.

Inflating through these plug valve thingies, you will notice that one is for the sitting cushion part, and another for the back and side support part.

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to inflate this thing with a small electric hand pump.

Eventually, you will have this:

How does it feel to sit on it you ask?

Well, surprisingly comfortable! It's really fun.

What I would suggest, is that you do use a pillow for your back though. It really can use a back pillow for more comfort.

The inside yellow part have this velvety feel, while the white is smooth plastic.

It does take a bit more space than you might have thought originally, so make sure you have enough space for it if you are planning to actually use this for a sofa in a room or wherever.

Anyway, assuming this doesn't need re-inflating too regularly, I'd say it's a cool thing. I think I'll try and use it on the swimming pool too. Might be a disaster, or perhaps I find a great, fun use for it.

In conclusion, if you're young or whacky enough to get away with it, this might be good temporary furniture, like when you're on vacation or you live in a dorm room or something.

I love it!

And of course it's easy to move.