Flame Grills Real Flame Seared Succulent Chicken Breast Fillet Portions

by Foodlover's Mark

What can I eat that I haven't eaten before on a regular basis?  Mmmmm... yep, keeping your diet interesting can indeed be a headscratcher.

But, every now and again, once in a blue moon, I do discover something that I find surprizingly delicious once more. 

And, the last time that happened, was just the other day to be sure.  The product is I&J Flame Grills real flame seared Succulent Chicken Breast Fillet Portions

Now I'm sure you've walked past the freezers in the supermarket before that contains all the boxes of frozen fish, chicken, burgers, vegetables and whatnot.

Some of that stuff is ok, while some is simply ghastly.  Especially "burger patties" and "chicken patties", of the cheaper variety, tastes exactly and totally like dog food.  And some of the fish cakes that are supposed to be fish, have potatoes mixed in with processed yucky fish.  Ewwwww!!!!  How dare they sell something as meat or fish and instead just give you crumbled over dog food mixed with potatoes!!!

But of course, there are many other of these boxed foods that are a delight to shove down your hatch.  And that's what I was getting at here.  I discovered one of these gems by I&J that is simply delicious!!

It comes in a 420g box with 6 small little portions. 

At first, it just looks like your ordinary "take it out of the individual blue plastic baggies and throw them in an oven baking traybowl and shove it in the oven for 40 minutes" type of food. 

But then, comes the eating part... YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMYYYY!!!!  I was totally pleasantly surprized.  These things are actually "succulent" as they are advertised on the box (you may recall a few food products from your past that was advertised as succulent but was more like suckylent).  This actually is succulent.  

It is surprizingly delicious.  Juicy, tasty chicken in juuuust a light saucyness of some kind that tastes just great!   From what I could gather it seems to be succulent chicken breast, and not just some processed powdered chicken crap compressed together.  I think this is actually a quality product!  And so darn good!!

So, if you're looking for something surprizingly delicious to eat, choose the I&J Flame Grills real flame seared Succulent Chicken Breast Fillet Portions.  The one I tried that is so delicious is the lemon & herb variety.  I don't know what others there are at this time or if they are just as equally delicious, but at the current time I can vouch for the deliciousness of the lemon & herb kind that I gobbled down like pure bliss.